What is common sense in the age of willful ignorance?

Fuck common sense!

Because once upon a time, common sense actually made SENSE. But today, why should one be proud to have it?

Lets look at what is common vs what is not...

Paying taxes willingly to "YOU HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA WHO". You just do it because "its the law" (but its not) is common.

Working longer hours for less money is common.

Increased television watching and decreased reading, which changes the brain chemistry, and literally de-evolves us to the brain functionality of apes, with the only advantage being able to speak words....is common.

Public schools, whom especially since the 1960's, have been in steady decline are common.

Ingesting flouride, eating horrible GMO foods, and prescription drugs are common.

Increasing debt among the people is common.

Decreased liberties and freedom is common.

Declinging morality is common.

War is common.

Am I supposed to really take most people seriously when they say "its common sense?" Do I really want the dull, broken or skewed sense of the common sheep? When I hear that term, I am always on alert, and any halfway intelligent person should be.

What is not common is people who know the law, how government and politics really work, the tax code, banking and how money actually works, rhetoric and demagogues, the true history of mankind, the true ancient spiritualities and wisdoms of the world, psychology and one hundred more things I dont have the time to put here.

It is the uncommon people that rule the world, that create, that make art and invent. The common people consume rather than contribute.

Common sense is nothing to be proud of these days. In the days of the Enlightenment, when Thomas Paine wrote his classic "Common Sense," maybe then there was enough good sense among the herd, but today fuck that! We had the most honest politicians we ever had back then and that was a result of having enlightened people to elect them. But today? We elect whoever gives us the best emotional ride....how sheepish is that?

Our society is getting so bad that people are avoiding reality, getting more drugged up and distracted by nonsensical entertainments than ever before and increasingly by the day!(both in their own ways, kill the newly evolved faculties of brain)

The sad fact is that people are getting dumber. And the scary fact is that they are the majority, and because of this, they are in the drivers seat.

We black sheep have the ability to see past the sheep ass in front of us. We dont follow asses, senselessly and unquestionably moving with the irrational herd. We see the bigger picture and the paterns. We have to endure the pain of being able to see, because our brains actually work, and unlike the wolf, we dont have the desire to take advantage of the others around us. Yes pain, because it hurts to know things and not have the support of those you know and love to make change for the betterment of the herd.

What we learn, we try to share. But we are often attacked by our own families who would rather do the "safe" thing, going along with the slow fucking that their asses seem to be numb to by now. How crazy is it that those close to us would rather accept blindly, the opinions and claims of rich people they dont know on a screen over their own family, the real people who have reason and critical input on the claims?

So sad...

The only reason I feel like this is because I actually care. Its really sad to see how many people do not. Its happening to all of us. Think of the world your kids will live in.

So again, fuck common sense, because common sense doesnt care! The common thing to do is IGNORE, and therefore, IGNORance becomes the worldview of the common. And IGNORance is evil because it is a choice, especially in this age of mass information!

It seems that as long as sheeple have their football,TV shows, drugs and shopping sprees, its OK to allow those less common people who actually express CARE, to drive us further into bondage. As long as its done slowly right? As long as our day to day looks the same. The future our children live in doesnt matter right?

The only reason I havent joined the ranks of the wolves is because I actually care. But sadly, I am losing hope in mankind. How long before I turn my back? How long should I endure the pain of being violently attacked just for trying to help those around me see the world for what it really is? At what point do I break?

With love,
Lux La Flower

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