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If I mention that I have interest in the occult, the quick reaction of the everyday sheep is to cringe in fear that I am possessed by demons, or in pursuit of some evil mal-intented sciences to use against others.

The media,Hollywood, certain religions, and some elite societies have made it this way in order to keep the masses from knowledge that is empowering, knowledge that may wake them from their slumber. Afterall, knowledge is power. We see that those in power keep gaining more of it while the rest of us struggle more and more to live, right? Is it not evident that there is a severe deficit of knowledge among us common people?

It is without question that the common people severely lack understanding of where we came from, the true history of the world, and how it REALLY works. These mechanisms, truths, and wisdoms are hidden from us. As a people, we are easily conquered if we are divided. Look at all of the religions of the world. Is it not obvious that we are severely divided in this knowledge? Do we really think that we, the unenlightened majority, who do not study the ancient secrets of the world, actually have the truth of where we came from? Yes, we the people with 1,000 different religions?

And so this brings us to our million dollar word, "OCCULT".

Occult is an ancient word whos meaning has always been the same. It is scientifically derived, as any half conscious person can see by its relation to the word ocular, which has everything to do with vision. The word Occult has always meant hidden from sight, secret or concealed. But as with many other crazy things that happened to offend the mass consciousness, starting in the 1940's (the birth of propaganda), a new age veneer was put on the word, birthed from the masses natural fear of the unknown.

Quickly, the word occult became synonymous with evil, demons, sorcery and every other type of fantasy bullshit one could jam into horror stories, conspiracy books, or movies.

And it cetainly doesnt help that it has the word "cult" in it. Yet, another word that people cringe at, but because of their lack of etymological understanding, do not see that it is the root of CULTure, and CULTivate. And cult in itself, does not mean evil, satanic or demonic. Ironically, the largest cult in the world, Christianity will be quick to label any other religious group a cult, because cults are "satanic".

Societies, after a while, always take words and apply emotional meanings to them. And these meanings are the product of how the engineers have decided to train their population to react to them. They have cleverly turned concepts that can empower people, into concepts to fear.

The rulers of a society do not want their subjects having the same amount of knowledge as them. This is a no-brainer. And if the society is losing their liberties, and morality by the year, it is clearly evident that knowledge is working in favor of its oppressors rather than its people. People who gain knowledge dont fall further into bondage. The masses are clearly losing the fight for knowledge.

So why are people so afraid of the occult, of knowing secrets?

Deep, pervasive, and persistent emotional programming....thats why!

Say the word "apocalypse" and people think you are talking about the end of the world. But the word means "unveiling", or "revealing". Here is yet another word that illustrates the common mans fear of what he doesnt know. It simply means to reveal, or unveil something not previously known. How is this perceived today as the end of the world?

Religion and Hollywood...thats how!

Psychology, by its very nature is occult. And this is probably the best analogy for the term occult. Psychology is the nature of the mental states of man, which to most men is unknown. Psychology is a science taught in virtually every college. To know psychology is to have tremendous power both over your own mind and the minds of others. When you know how the mind works, you can do amazing things.

But again, most people dont have this knowledge. Some people dont want to be around those who are psychologically adept, because it makes them feel exposed and vulnerable. You see, it is their own fears which keep them from those who know psychology, just as many will stay away from those who have other occult understandings of the world. Occult knowledge, hidden, rare, and secret knowledge gives one an edge in reality.

But most of humanity does not care to know things. And what they dont know, they quickly fear, and what they fear, they hate!

Most people dont like to admit it, but they dont like being around knowledgeable people. It makes them feel insecure. They dont like to know that other people know things that they dont. This is the occult nature of your average man. Angain, they fear what they dont know, and they hate what they fear. This is how many ancient and present secret societies have come to be. Unfortunately, people, because they are so dependant on their illusions, dont want truth. Some have built their illusions for decades, and so a certain truth can seem violent and destructive.

The secret of knowledge is that the more knowledge you attain, the more responsible you must become. And who wants more responsibility right?

How many people become vegetarians once they have knowledge of what actually happens to these animals before they end up on the plate? your average meat eater does not want to know the occult nature of the farming and slaughter process do they? They would then be responsible.Their morality would start to kick in. They would feel correctly! They would have compassion! Who wants that? Fuck ignorance is bliss?

But IGNORance is clearly evil, because it chooses not knowing over facing morality. The more IGNORant a people are, the more immoral they are.

When one studies nutrition, which is the occult nature of food, they then have more of a responsibility to eat better right? The body is the temple. If one knows their governemnt is lying about almost everything, they might be inclined to protest, become activists and really change something. They would have to do some work to get the governemnt they want. Nah, thats too much work.

Sadly, your average sheep spends most of their time consumed by unnatural entertainments and electronic hallucinations that tear their awareness from alignment with the natural world. They believe what they have been programmed to by the media, religions and hollywood. They are the powerful majority who only see in the polarity of the red and blue party and vote accordingly, while those who knew the occult nature of politics hoped for the occulted Ron Paul to make it.

Our politicians today are demagogues. They give the people nothing substantial or useful. Our founding fathers authored hundreds of books and they themselves were taught the in The Trivium method of learning. Whats the Trivium? EXACTLY! Its occulted! But that Trivium education they received, birthed the enlightenement. These men, politicians, wrote books for their people that taught reason and logic, the ability to see through rehotric and spot lies and untruths. Try getting that from a politician today!

And today people have the ignorant nerve to praise todays demagogues that do nothing but make us fearful with lies and propaganda, while calling our founding fathers Satanists, evil Freemasons, "occultists", and whatever other demeaning names they can. Clearly, if we showed interest in what our founding father read, we would be better off and able to fight for our NATURAL RIGHTS.

We are trying to fight today, to keep what they set up then! They wrote the terms "Natural Law" and "Natural Rights" over and over in our founding documents, and one only needs to study the occult Hermetic traditions to see what they meant. But we dont. We are told its satanic, evil, or demonic knowledge. Its Freemasonry. Its "conspiracy."

Read old books!

Avoid conspiracy youtube videos!

Avoid conspiracy websites and literature!

If you see the term NWO (New World Order), do not read it or watch it!

The old knowledge is the eternal knowledge, and with it you will see the truth on your own. Ancient wisdom is eternal wisdom. These old books and texts contain sciences and ways of seeing through what is currently going on, so you dont have to depend on a youtube video made by whoever, employing other occult techniques that will ruin your mind.

Remember, the occult just means the hidden or secret. Like in psychology, there is power to be gained. Yes, some will use it in bad ways, but isnt it better to know, than not to know? Especially when there are powerful people out there using psychology against you everyday?

And books are great because they activate your forebrain, the critical faculties. The lower emotional brain is not needed when you are reading an ancient occult science. But watching a youtube video, or any video for that matter, whether its a sitcom or a hollywood film, puts you in alpha brainwave state, which bypasses your critical faculties and goes straight to your lymbic brain. Suggestions and directions are implanted very easily through electronic halucination. Its really easy to put bullshit in subconscious through a film.

Psychology is the gateway into the occult nature of almost everything.

So the moral of the story is that we should not fear the occult.

We should equip ourselves with it, because its obviously being used against us.

With Love,
Lux La Flower


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