Like A Moth To A Flame

The information you will receive in this post is the kind of truth that can heal the world, should everyone take a moment to care. Yes, a big claim, but I promise with all my light, that it is true. If you have read and appreciated anything I have written, then I promise not to disappoint with this.

I now present "The Great Circadian Secret"

Day and night are the two polarities, and man is clearly more successful as a day dweller. If that man align his wakeful hours along with the suns presence, the sun will feed him with a plethora of light frequencies.

On the other hand, there is the night, virtually void of natural light, and a time known since ancient days, to be everything of detriment and dis-ease.

Now so far, no great secret has been shared, I know, just stick with me for a moment. A little bit of science is required. But I promise a righteous mind blowing shortly.

Life is day and night, dark and light, good and evil, righteous and wrong, but most of us live in a programmed mode of existence, which contrary to how it sounds, is good for the majority of mankind, but only when aligned to nature. Waking up at 7am and being asleep by midnight is among the healthiest thing you can do for your body.

Now lets get strange, shall we?

The 1950's were known as "The Happy Days". How did we go from Happy Days, to the most murderous decade in American history, the 1960's?

The 1960's were not just murderous and violent, with the violent crime/murder rate DOUBLING, but this decade was much more than that. We started seeing obesity become an epidemic. The 1960's is when we removed the 95% of the arts from public education, and we can easily see that since then, we have been on an educational decline. Cancers started rearing their ugly faces then. The Satanic Church was founded along with New Age Religions. Many beautiful and good people were assassinated for preaching peace and telling the truth! Suicide rates skyrocketed. Pharma became Big Pharma in the 1960's as well. Suddenly we were being diagnosed with psychological disorders and fed pills. Microwaves were discovered and used irresponsibly. The last of the gold behind our money was removed and the dollar has been on a consistent nosedive. We started wars like crazy, not only against fellow men, but the planet!

WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED IN THE 1950s... to tick the mass psychology of humanity enough to seemingly become insane in such a short time? Seems like a very important question doesnt it?

To begin to answer this, lets look to the moon...

NASA and the institutions of high science CLAIM that they do not know fully how the moon works (just like many other things). I dont believe them for a moment. I have figured out a few things myself about the moon that will be sure to blow your mind.

Have you ever seen a snow covered field under the light of a full moon? One would think that the snow would look white, but it isnt. Its actually pale blue! What does that mean? It means that the light sent to us by the moon is of the higher visual light spectrum. To give you an better idea, those sunglasses you wear, protect your eyes from the higher frequency light waves of the sun. High frequency light waves are not only damaging to our vision but also to our Circadian Rhythm. This is why whites will look slightly warmer with sunglasses on versus the cool blue of the moon.

There have been many studies of the moon and they all conclude the same thing. The moon disturbs the neural chemistry. When the moon is full, people get the least sleep, even when in a room with no windows and its own lighting. Mainstream science confirms this. It is this piece of information that set me on a quest for answers and I started to put all of the pieces together. I found out soon after, that blue light inhibits the production of melatonin, a biological sleep aid.

Have you ever walked down a street at night, and noticed the pale blue light flickering against window blinds? Well we all know, that somewhere in that room, is a person who is staring into a bright screen of flickering lights, and just like the light of the moon, it is having its effects on their biology.

Blue lights disturb the Circadian Rhythm, and the more we ingest, the more out of line with nature we become. The later we stay up, the more natural light we miss. We know these sleep patterns are directly correlated with many psychological disorders. Luna does have an effect on people. Lets not throw the baby out with the bathwater on this one. All of those stories about the werewolf on the full moon come from deep and wise truths.

What if the introduction of television in the 1950s has damaged the mass cosciousness of man?

Think about it...

For thousands of years, before the 1950s, the only blue light we ever experienced in nature only came a few days a month at night, for mere moments. And even then, we didnt spend hours staring into it. Many people dont even know that half the time we are exposed to the power of the moon is during the daytime, but I digress. The point is that blue light exposure was such a small part of our light ingestion compared to suddenly having a box that emitted high frequency light suddenly put into the homes of millions in just one decade.

How many times over have we multiplied their blue light ingestion by introducing television. We are talking hours a night, every night!

At this point can we really sit here and say that a family of five who was just yesterday playing in fields, reading books, listening to upbeat and wonderful music, sitting at the table and having conversations with family, could suddenly afford a television, an amazing television! And suddenly, for hours a day, they stared into a box of flickering light patterns via high frequency blue light waves that disturb the neural chemistry. And thats just the effects of the light that Im talking about. I dont think I need to even touch on the electronic hallucinations themselves, the propaganda and their psychological effects on our desires, wants and perceived needs.

Still not sure? Just take a look at your favorite social network. Thats right, all of the social networks are blue. Just look in google images for "insert social network name + homepage" and see everything from myspace, to Instagram, to twitter, to tumblr, to facebook and so on. I mean there are many colors to use. Why blue? Because blue keeps you there, immersed longer into the experience. IT DOES THINGS TO YOUR NEURAL CHEMISTRY.

The higher frequency the wave of light, the more invisible it is, and that is how the light from the wireless router for instance, is not seen, but it moves through walls and even through us. This is just like how the moon effects peoples sleep who may even be in a room with no windows. Thats right, you dont even need to look at it. You just need to be in proximity. So just being in that room with the TV on, you can see the pale blue light on the walls, on your cloths, on your skin. You dont need to be looking at it directly, for it to be working on you. The blue light of the moon is the lower frequency range that we see. Its higher frequencies are invisible, and they move through, and interact with matter.

This isnt a scare tactic...its science.

The more we interact with unnatural and high frequency light during non daylight hours, the more we become unnaturally tuned. I know for fact, and with all my soul, that many of the problems with the world today stem from the damaged Circadian Rhythm of man. We are so out of line with nature that we over-consume and abuse her. We are collectively psychotic, essentially Schizophrenics, and a hallmark of schizophrenia is lack of sleep, being up later during the ill hours.

We now know as fact, that the blue light emitted by LCD's is damaging to the desired sleep cycle.

Now I dont believe in presenting a problem unless I can offer a solution. Its easy to say that we should avoid looking at screens, but in this day an age we rely heavily on them.

We have a program called F.LUX, which tunes and aligns your screens with the actual natural sun cycle. It will reduce or eliminate (based on your settings) the amount of blue/high frequency light on your screen. You will notice your screen is slightly less bright, but your experience is still the same. Only real difference in color is whites on screen have a slight tinge of orange rather than the blue tinge we are used to. You now stand a chance of producing melatonin and getting to sleep at a reasonable time.

Most people dont know that a person in perfect Circadian Rhythm feels most tired between 2-3 pm ( a great time to take a nap by the way) and then 2-3 am. This 2-3am is the best time to be asleep because one may hit their REM sleep in tune with nature, which is a most spiritual experience. 

Dreams are tremendously important, and unfortunately, especially since television, we dont get to produce melatonin properly and at the right time for an ideal sleep. DMT is produced while in your deepest sleep, and so technically, you are murdering your inner shaman, your third eye, the ability to connect with source during sleep, if you avoid natural Circadian Rhythm.

No wonder people go crazy when they dont get enough sleep; they dont get to visit the other side, the light in the night. I mean that literally!

When the lights are turned off, you get drowsy and go to sleep, and a few hours later, a beautiful chemical reaction takes place in the direct center of your brain, creating literal light in the Pineal Gland (a gland with a lens just like our eyes), and the DMT is produced bringing you into a shamanic deep sleep called REM (Rapid Eye Movement). The brain is lit up and the neural activity is just the same as if you were awake and interacting with the physical world during the day.

You are suddenly ALIVE in this sleep...but on the other side, experiencing the light from within...literally. We need this connection to stay attuned with nature. Unfortunately, especially since getting hit in the 1950s, we have been missing it, and increasingly so as we continue to depend on technology.

Human beings have collectively become a detriment to the condition of the planet. We no longer get REM/DMT therapy. We need to get back into rhythm with her.

With light,
~ Doc de Lux

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The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.

~ Matthew 6:22, KJB

Just close your eyes....and the single eye will eventually luminate.

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