Tarot : A Misunderstood Art - And The Mystery of Playing Cards




When you sit with your friends playing Poker, Black Jack, or any number of popular card games, there are occult happenings taking place. No one thinks they are partaking in a mystical experience.

 But in 1933, during a seminar, Carl Jung spoke about Tarot (according to Visions: Notes of the Seminar given in 1930—1934), and he stated that tarot cards are the predecessors of the sets we use to gamble, where red and black represent two opposites, and the division of four —spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs— also corresponds to the symbolism of individualization. They are psychological images, symbols we play with, in the same manner that the unconscious seems to play with its contents. They are combined in a certain way, and its different combinations correspond to a playful development of humankind’s history.

I was watching a film the other night about a girl who goes to get a tarot reading, and of course the typical bullshit ensues. The tarot reader is a scary witch, and the girl is suddenly possessed by a demon, because of course, tarot cards are evil.

But tarot cards are just paper products with images on them. When you go to the store to buy them, there are no evil entities waiting with them on the shelf. Thats just plain silly to think.

But so many actually do think that, unfortunately, due to years of programming via Hollywood and bad preachers; the same ones that believe that doing Yoga or meditating is a gateway for demon possession.

Here is the true purpose of tarot cards...

Tarot cards are methodically created with archetypes and situations that are timeless. The cards contain esoteric art and symbolism which make each card, a book in itself. Through playing with, or studying these cards, one learns a lot about human nature and psychology. It is a timeless psychology which has been proven to be relevant for thousands of years.

So where is the magic happening?

It happens in your subconscious of course. Its through constant playing, or studying of the images, in the repetition, that you are training your mind to recognize the many symbols used, archetypes, and events that take place today and in the past. It strengthens intuition.

Where something like the constant repetition of imagery from TV, mass media and Hollywood, helps implant unrealistic images and scenarios into our subconscious, making us stupid, robbing us of proper intuition, the tarot has always spoke true, and consistent in its form.

This is how tarot readers seem to be so knowledgeable. They dont have supernatural powers, but they do have trained intuition, and can pick up a lot about you in a short amount of time. They play a part more akin to a mystical psychologist rather than a stereotypical Hollywood psychic who has lucid visions of your future.

Of course the powers that be do not want you to have this power, and so they demonize it in popular culture, leading people to irrational fears of inanimate objects like books, cards and even crystals. The leaders of Abrahamic religions are notorious for trying to keep us small and weak. It is said that a picture can speak a thousand words, and with this understanding, a single tarot card, with its deep and complex art, can be a book.

So about those playing cards...

They are just very mild and simple versions of the tarot. As a symbolically adept person, it is easy for me to spot the meanings of many of the cards.

You dont find it peculiar that 2 of the 4 king cards are depicted sticking a sword through their head? Why just 2? And which 2? Do you not see the connection of the 4 suits to the pentacle, sword, wand, and cup of the tarot?

Do you find it laughable now, how some people are scared to death of tarot cards, but will sit down at a table and have a good old time playing poker?


And here is Manly P. Halls take on all of this.

~ Mentating Lux




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