Our Most Important Book Scans Compendium to Date!

We pride ourselves in helping keep the old world and all of its infinite treasure, its teachings, its wisdom, alive. We provide material you will not find at your local bookstores, quenching the thirsts for knowledge on all subjects most occulted by mainstream. This one is a matrix buster, a true treasure and necessity for anyone who wishes to see through things.

This collection contains everything one needs to understand not only what they are reading, but much more. If you are familiar with George Orwells "1984" then you can easily understand the importance of understanding the roots and true meanings of words. We live in a time of mass deception by those who control mass media and education. One of the greatest propaganda tools used by them, and increasingly so, is the redefining of words and terms, and then the constant repetition of them in everything from news media, to scholastics, to pop culture and film.

This is especially dangerous, because the main reason we read history is to know better, to become more wise, especially as to not repeat the worst parts of it. This is impossible if we hold many of the old words in a different regard, almost always emotionally charged. How can we fully understand the context of history, what is truly intended for us to understand and heed, if we hold what are many times polar definitions? In this way, the bad guys may easily become the good guys.

This collection has all of the tools not only to help one read more effectively, helping keep modern media more honest and true, but it also serves to help communication. In a time when people are most divided, we find that these divides are too often the result of communication breakdowns, of people holding subjective definitions fed to them by the world views, political views, they are most subject to. 

And that is the whole problem right there; people are subjective, under a perspective, rather than objective, above all perspectives.

The material in this collection is as objective as it gets. If we begin to understand what words and phrases really mean, where they come from, their true original intentions, even their phonetic and vibrational origins, we can begin to see the matrix of language all around us.This collection is crucial for anyone who calls themselves a truther, or seeks to enhance their understanding of the modern world and its history.

Paired with our "Ancient Language & Symbolism" and "Trivium" collections, one is as prepared as they can be to develop a societal x-ray vision, to become a walking lie detector. We only regret that it took us this long to release it.

Lets bring the darkness to light,

Doc de Lux 


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