The Mystery of The Left Hand


"It is known that each brain hemisphere controls the opposite side of the body. The left hand is the right brain, and the right eye, the left. Is it not peculiar that the heart organ, unlike most others, makes its home in the left side of the body? Dare I say that to think with your heart is to be in your right mind? Or if one uses more of their right brain, they are more aligned with the heart?

History reveals to us dating back thousands of years, the elites of every major civilization training people away from using their left hands. I dont see this as merely coincidence. I know that left handed people are more likely to be geniuses, to play instruments, to be artists, all around more creative, and lateral thinkers. But for thousands of years, the elite ruling classes would scare people away from using the left hand by claiming it to be unclean, Satanic, homosexual and so on.

The states with the highest percentage of lefthanders also boast the highest IQ's and have the best universities. In these United States, the further you go north east, the higher the rate of left handedness is. Clearly, left handedness is progressive. But get this... I have found that cultures with the higher rate of left handedness have the most liberty.

Of the most developed nations, Canada boasts the most lefthanders at 13%, United States at 12%, Mexico at about 3%, China less than 1%. But there exists a tribe outside of Brazil, the Yanomami, where nearly a quarter of their people are left handed. They are mostly untainted by the developed world. So you see, there is truly a direct correlation with freedom and the amount of people in their "Right Mind".

I believe that the ills of the world, its declining morality, its tendency toward war, and its increased consumption of fear can be defeated with love. In order to ignite this love, we must activate the heart. We must awaken more of the right brain faculties, because mankind has been trained for thousands of years to work slightly more with his left brain, and that slight tick to the left is all that is needed to tip the scale in favor of those who seek to demoralize us so they may take our power.

People who seek to dominate and control, hate going up against the left handed. Still in doubt? Just ask any athlete how much they love going up against lefthanders. Its not that they do everything that a righthander does, just by the other hand, but there is an inherent awkwardness and a different type of thinking present in them; lateral thinking. This makes lefties harder to dominate.

This chapter will illustrate the many methods of hemisphere training that have gone unseen, from methods used against us, to methods of reversing damage, waking and activating the right brain hemisphere so that we all may become more imaginative and creative, tapping into our inner genius, intuition and connection with source."

~ Lux La Flower

The Book of Pseudo, Chapter 2 - "The Hemispheres"

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