Fairy Tale Folk Tale ebooks Compendium

The Occult University Library

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This collection has thousands of old fairy and folk tales from virtually every culture in the world, along with hundreds of amazing illustrations. These are not the versions of tales you have seen by Disney. These are the real deal. There are many hidden messages and allegories in this collection. See what your favorite fairy tales were really about.

This is the largest collection of vintage fairy tale books available on disk ... a gold mine!

The Occult University Library is proud to present 322 rare books ...

Uncle Tom's cabin, or, Life among the lowly (1900).pdf

Vasco da Gama, his voyages and adventures (c1878).pdf

Welsh Fairy Tales (1921).pdf

Welsh fairy-tales and other stories (1894).pdf

What the moon saw (1866).pdf

What to draw and how to draw it (c1913).pdf

White cat - and other old French fairy tales (1928).pdf

Wishfulfillment and symbolism in fairy tales (1915).pdf

Wonder tales from many lands (1920).pdf

Wonder tales from Tibet (1922).pdf

Wonder tales retold (1937, c1916).pdf

A book of fairy tales (1895).pdf

A doorway in fairyland. Engraved by Clemence Housman (1900).pdf

A gift from fairy land (1838).pdf

A study of fairy tales (c1916).pdf

A treasury of Eskimo tales; ([1922]).pdf

Abroad ([1882]).pdf

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1885).pdf

Alice In Wonderland (1916).pdf

American Indian fairy tales - Snow Bird, the Water Tiger, etc. (1907).pdf

American Indian fairy tales (1921).pdf

Among the fairies ([1884]).pdf

An enchanted garden - fairy stories (1892).pdf

An old fairy tale - the sleeping beauty (1868).pdf

Andrew Lang's The Blue Fairy Book (1921).pdf

Australian fairy tales (1897).pdf

Beauty and the beast ([ca. 1885]).pdf

Belgian fairy tales ([c1919]).pdf

Bengal fairy tales (1920).pdf

Big Book of Fairy Tales (1896).pdf

Boat-building and boating (1931).pdf

British fairy and folk tales (1920).pdf

Buddha's crystal and other fairy stories (1908).pdf

Canadian fairy tales (1922).pdf

Celtic wonder-tales (1910).pdf

Children's rhymes, children's games, children's songs, children's stories (1904).pdf

Chinese fairy stories (1910).pdf

Chinese fairy tales - forty stories told by almond-eyed folk (1912).pdf

Christmas fireside stories; or, Round the yule log; Norwegian folk and fairy tales; ([1919]).pdf

Christmas roses (1886).pdf

Cinderella ([between 1865 and 1889]).pdf

Cossack fairy tales and folk-tales (1902).pdf

Croatian tales of long ago (1922).pdf

Czechoslovak fairy tales (1919).pdf

Danish fairy legends and tales (1891).pdf

Danish fairy tales (1914).pdf

Danish fairy tales (1919).pdf

David Blaze and the blue door (1919).pdf

Dorothy and the wizard in Oz; a faithful record of their amazing adventures in an underground world (1908).pdf

Drawing for beginners (192--).pdf

Dutch Fairy Tales For Young Folks (1918).pdf

East of the sun and west of the moon (1917).pdf

Eastern fairy legends current in southern India.pdf

Edmund Dulac's fairy-book - fairy tales of the Allied nations ([1916]).pdf

English fairy and other folk tales ([1906]).pdf

English fairy tales (1902).pdf

English fairy tales (1922).pdf

Europa's fairy book (1916).pdf

European folk and fairy tales (c1916).pdf

Fables and fairy tales for little folk; or, Uncle Remus in Hausaland (first series) (1910).pdf

Faery tales of Weir (c1918).pdf

Fairy and folk tales of the Irish peasantry (1890).pdf

Fairy circles - tales and legends of giants, dwarfs, fairies, water-sprites and hobgoblins (1877).pdf

Fairy gold - a book of Old English fairy tales (1913).pdf

Fairy plays for children (1915).pdf

Fairy realm. A collection of the favourite old tales. Illustrated by the pencil of Gustave Doré (1866).pdf

Fairy Tales - Anderson (1884).pdf

Fairy Tales - Hauf (1910).pdf

Fairy tales (18--).pdf

Fairy Tales (1854).pdf

Fairy tales (1857).pdf

Fairy tales (1869).pdf

Fairy tales (1909).pdf

Fairy tales and legends of many nations (1850).pdf

Fairy tales and novels (1817).pdf

Fairy tales and stories (1900).pdf

Fairy tales every child should know - a selection of the best fairy tales of all time and of all authors (1905).pdf

Fairy tales for workers' children (1925).pdf

Fairy tales from all nations (1850).pdf

Fairy tales from Brazil - how and why tales from Brazilian folk-lore (1917).pdf

Fairy tales from far Japan ([1898]).pdf

Fairy tales from far Japan (1898).pdf

Fairy tales from folk lore (1908).pdf

Fairy tales from gold lands (1868).pdf

Fairy tales from many lands (1911).pdf

Fairy tales from Shakespeare (1907).pdf

Fairy tales from South Africa (1908).pdf

Fairy tales from Spain (1913).pdf

Fairy tales from the Arabian nights (1915).pdf

Fairy tales from the far North (1897).pdf

Fairy tales from the French (1869).pdf

Fairy tales from the Harz Mountains (1908).pdf

Fairy tales from the Swedish of G. Djurklo; (1901).pdf

Fairy tales of eastern Europe (1914).pdf

Fairy tales of the Slav peasants and herdsmen (1896).pdf

Fairy tales, legends and romances illustrating Shakespeare and other early English writers, to which are prefixed two preliminary dissertations; 1. On pigmies. 2. On fairies (1875).pdf

Fairy tales, now first collected - to which are prefixed two dissertations 1. On pygmies. 2. On fairies (1831).pdf

Fairy tales, their origin and meaning; with some account of dwellers in Fairyland (1878).pdf

Fairy-book; fairy tales of the allied nations ([1917]).pdf

Fairy-tales up to now (1904).pdf

Favorite fairy tales (1917).pdf

Favourite fairy tales (1861).pdf

Favourite French fairy tales (c1921).pdf

Foggerty's fairy - and other tales (1890).pdf

Foggerty's fairy - and other tales (1892).pdf

Folk and fairy tales (1883).pdf

Folk tales and fairy lore in Gaelic and English (1910).pdf

Forgotten fairy tales (c1899).pdf

Forgotten Fairy Tales, Op.4 (1897).pdf

Forty-four Turkish fairy tales (191-).pdf

French fairy tales (1903).pdf

Gaelic fairy tales (1908).pdf

Gammer Gurton's garland, or, The nursery Parnassus (1866).pdf

Garnet story book .. (1920).pdf

German fairy tales (1876).pdf

Goblin tales of Lancashire (1878).pdf

Golden porch - a book of Greek fairy tales (1914).pdf

Goody Two-Shoes (1888).pdf

Grandmother's fairy tales (1915).pdf

Granny's wonderful chair and its tales of fairy times (c1916).pdf

Green Willow - and other Japanese fairy tales (1910).pdf

Grimms' complete fairy tales (1900).pdf

Grimms Fairy tales - a new translation (18--).pdf

Grimm's fairy tales - retold in one-syllable words (1899).pdf

Hans Andersen's fairy tales (1913).pdf

Hansel & Grethel & other tales ([1920]).pdf

Happy hearts (c1864).pdf

Happy hours at Hazel Nook - or, Cottage stories (1856).pdf

Hindu fairy tales retold for children (1918).pdf

home fairy tales - contes du petit-c (1867).pdf

Household and fairy tales (1916).pdf

How to be a lady ; a book for girls, containing useful hints on the formation of character (1848).pdf

Icelandic fairy tales; (1897).pdf

In the fire - and other fancies (1892).pdf

Index to fairy tales, myths and legends (1915).pdf

Indian fairy tales (1880).pdf

Indian fairy tales (1892).pdf

Indian fairy tales.pdf

Irish fairy and folk tales ([n.d.]).pdf

Irish fairy tales (1906).pdf

Irish fairy tales (1920).pdf

Italian Popular Tales (1885).pdf

Jack and Jill and old Dame Gill (1806).pdf

Japanese fairy tales (1903).pdf

And many more!!!

If I knew that 9 years ago I could just pay $20 rather than doing years and years of research and work, I would have easily taken advantage of this.

Let my hard work be your gain for a very small fee.

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